WMRA Mtn Running Equality

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A little background:

The WMRA (World Mountain Running Association) is a division of IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations).  The WMRA is led by a Council and governed by a Congress, comprised of representatives from the National Federations world-wide. Rules about race distances and team sizes at WMRA events, specifically at the annual World Mountain Running Championship, are codified in the WMRA Constitution and only the Congress can vote to make changes.  We, the athletes, coaches, event organizers, and fans of the sport have the power to send a unified and repeated message to the WMRA Congress that it is time for change.  That is the purpose of the petitions we have formed and this website.

The IAAF has shown that it is in support of equality for all athletes with the changes it has made over the years in its rules for Track & Field, Road Racing, and most recently by equalizing the distances for future Cross Country World Championship and equalizing team sizes for future World Championship Junior Mountain Running teams.  Female athletes have proven that we are capable of going the distance and have responded with steeply increasing participation numbers and high quality performances in areas of our sport where equal opportunity exists.  Let’s not allow WMRA Congress members and IAAF to stop short in correcting these outdated and unjust rules in our sport.

Running Equality

change buttonto support Equal Distances at the WMRA Championships

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